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The origin of Altus dates back to 1945, as a result of the need in the market for mountain and mountaineering products. Backpacks, technical clothing, footwear, climbing equipment, accessories ... are part of its extensive catalog. Practical design, innovation and the best technology for mountain sports enthusiasts.


The Alago brand was born in 1945 as a manufacturer of backpacks, camping tents and sleeping bags. The family business, which was dedicated to leather goods, began working in the outdoor world thanks to the enthusiasm of its founders for outdoor sports activities. Its turning point was the family tents, with the camping boom in the 70s. Then came the backpacks, which are currently the hallmark of the brand.

Currently, Altus is a veteran brand in Spain and globally is a clear reference in the world of mountain equipment. His fame is preceded by over 70 years of seriousness and security. His designs, processes, materials and techniques have evolved, but the essence with which he was born Altus has persisted, always offering products of the best quality, adapting to the times and covering all the needs as regards the equipment for the activities to open.

The entire catalog has passed the test of the best athletes and professionals: climbers, mountaineers, mountain guides and travelers who have come together to find the best quality, test the behavior of the products and seek excellence.

Innovation in materials is a constant goal: light and resistant fabrics that never neglect aesthetics. Altus was the first Spanish brand in the industry to reach the ISO 9001 quality standard and therefore its products are a guarantee of quality. Furthermore, the passion for nature leads the brand to have the utmost respect for the environment, through the use of instruments with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Altus is synonymous with optimal performance.


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