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Are you ready? Start your adventure with the market leading brand mountain boots. Founded in La Rioja, 1965, it amazes us every season with the most advanced materials to make us enjoy any activity with maximum comfort.


The history of Chiruca begins in 1900 in the Catalan Pyrenees, when French soldiers demolish an artifact that falls in Tortellá, a town in Girona where Esteban Fontfreda lived, a textile engineer who came to the wreck and took a piece of fuselage. During the course of the war, the engineer had noticed that the fleeing French refugees were wearing a type of boots that did not exist in Spain, so he used the fuselage to make a mold for a boot in 1914, which he would baptize as Chiruca, the Galician diminutive of Mercedes and the name of his wife.

The success was so great that two years after its launch, most Spaniards wore Chiruca footwear, including the army. Currently, Chiruca has become the name of the most international boots that have existed.

In the 1940s, Juan and Luís Fontfreda, the founder's sons, took over the management of the company and undertook a series of improvements until they made a espadrille of canvas or leather with a base of vulcanized esparto, waterproof , made from recycled rubber from a truck wheel.

The design and quality of the improvements mean that about thirteen million boots were made between 1950 and 1970.

Chiruca becomes a symbol of a whole era of social transformation. At the end of the 70s the sneakers became fashionable and the brand went through difficult times, but in 1986 the model was modernized, reinventing itself to the new generation of hikers, sportsmen and mountain climbers that today continue to welcome the mythical boot like a legend.


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